Nataša / Novo Mesto

“OROXID mouthwash is great and I recommend it to anyone with periodontal problems. I have had gum surgery for periodontal disease. My gums were bleeding and I couldn’t eat because every bite hurt. I had bad breath. I found it difficult to brush my teeth thoroughly as my gums bled at the slightest touch of a toothbrush.

I bought OROXID mouthwash at the fair and it helped me a lot. First, the bleeding gums stopped, After only 14 days the pain was reduced and I could bite more easily. After two months of use, tooth decay was reduced, my gums became blood-soaked and healthier-looking, and they were no longer so receded. It was as if they had started to retract back to their original position. After four months, the situation had improved so much that my periodontist mentioned the difference and asked me what I did to improve it so much. He was impressed.”