An aphtha is an ulcer in the oral cavity and is one of the most common diseases of the oral mucosa. It is usually white, sometimes yellow, with a characteristic red border on the mucous membrane. It forms a light-coloured bubble which may develop into a smaller or larger ulcer on the bottom of the gums, on the tongue or the inside of the lips.

Epidemiological data show that diabetes is one of the main risk factors for periodontitis or periodontal disease (colloquially periodontitis). The susceptibility to periodontitis increases by about three times in people with diabetes. Gum disease is one of the consequences of unmanaged diabetes. Oral health is an essential component of the management of this chronic disease.

When it comes to the health of our teeth, prevention is always better than cure. The best way to maintain a white and confident smile is to avoid eating certain foods and give up unhealthy habits. The first step is, of course, proper, precise and consistent oral hygiene, but it is also important to know what causes yellow teeth and another unwanted staining.

White teeth and a radiant smile - who wouldn't have them? Everyone's teeth have a natural, innate colour, but this can change, whether due to disease, ageing, injury, surgery or changes in the biochemical properties of the body. Often, the reason for staining of the teeth lies in habits such as smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, coffee, tea or unhealthy processed foods.

Healthy gums are important for our oral health and a confident smile. Because they surround the mouth and teeth, they effectively protect against damage to deeper tissues and provide support for the teeth. Healthy gums are coral-pink in colour and firm to the touch.

We all know from a young age how important it is to brush our teeth because if we don't, they will hurt or eventually fall out. How many of us brush our teeth quickly and then brush and brush as much as possible before going to the dentist?

Gum receding occurs when the gum tissue is lifted up or away from the teeth so that the roots of the teeth are visible. These teeth are usually more sensitive to cold, hot and sweet foods and drinks. They also require even more effective hygiene, as otherwise, tooth decay can form on the root of the tooth...

Sijoč nasmeh in zdravi zobje ter dlesni so rezultat skrbne ustne higiene. Pravilna in redna ustna higiena preprečuje nastanek kariesa, nabiranja zobnih oblog ter nastanek bolezni dlesni. Poleg tega lahko vzdrževanje ustrezne ustne higiene preprečuje nastanek resnih zdravstvenih težav...