Sensitive for daily oral hygiene and sensitive oral mucosa.
with inflamed, sensitive gums
for preventive oral care
with dental plaque/discolouration
✔ for the hygiene in dental appliances, prostheses
✔ in adults and children for daily use

Forte for intensive oral hygiene and treatment of periodontal tissue diseases.
✔ with irritated, bleeding, and inflamed gums
✔ with periodontal disease
✔ after surgical interventions
✔ for the hygiene of implants, bridges
✔ in adults for daily use




The innovation of Oroxid® products is reflected in their revolutionary formulation with active oxygen and Actipone® herbal extract

A completely new mechanism of action enables the supply of cells with active oxygen, which contributes to the faster regeneration of the affected oral mucosa and gums. Due to the antiseptic effect, the extent of inflammation and infections in the oral cavity is reduced. A carefully selected herbal mixture of ginger, Echinacea purpurea and myrtle has a beneficial effect on the oral mucosa, inhibiting the reproduction of bacteria and plaque build-up.

When to use Oroxid® spray and when to use Oroxid oral solution?

OROXID oral solution is suitable for daily care and treatment of oral problems. It is intended for short and long-term use.

OROXID Spray is for those who need to use the product several times a day or who have difficulty gargling and flushing with liquids. It is particularly recommended for people with fixed dental appliances, implants, bad breath, oral ulcers (aphthae). The spray is designed to be easily carried in personal luggage and for travel, including by air. 







The development, production and product of OROXID are carried out by the Slovenian company Enikam d.o.o. The manufacturing processes are carried out in companies that ensure all the relevant conditions, standards and certifications for the production of medical products.

OROXIDE oxygenates the cell with an “oxygen singlet” produced by reacting with pathogens. It means that this form of oxygen is intrinsic to the cell and can therefore be taken up by the cell. Once inside the cell, it enters the mitochondria, which are the lungs of the cell. This is how the cell gets the oxygen and energy it needs to carry out its vital processes normally.

The shelf life is indicated on the packaging and is 2 years. However, it is recommended that the solution is used within 3 months of opening the packaging or activating the spray, as this means that you are using the product and this is the only way to achieve the desired results. 

There are always germs in the oral cavity, even if we clean it well, so OROXID always works because we don’t live in a sterile environment.

OROXID acts on inflamed and damaged cells using oxygen singlet, which enters human cells. The singlet thus oxygenates the cells, enters the cell cycles and raises the energy potential of the cell. It also enters the mitochondria, where it is essential for the processes of protein formation through numerous biochemical reactions. The new proteins are then incorporated into the cell, allowing it to recover more quickly.

No. The 3% and 1.5% concentrations of peroxide compounds used in OROXID products have been clinically proven to be safe and harmless to tooth enamel in both daily and long-term use. Peroxide compounds break down in the oral cavity in less than 1 minute and cannot have adverse effects on enamel or mucosa. However, this is sufficient time for the active oxygen compounds to be released and show their beneficial effects.