OROXID reduces the inflammation, oxygenates and regenerates the oral mucosa.


Effective and safe treatment without alcohol and chlorhexidine!




Suitable for:

  • sensitive oral mucosa
  • daily, preventive use
  • adults and children


Suitable for:

  • intensive oral treatment
  • problems in the oral cavity
  • adults






OROXID solution is aimed for the daily oral care and treatment of oral cavity problems. It is for a short and a long term usage.


OROXID spray is aimed for the people who need to use it more times per day or cannot rinse or garggle the solution. It is beneficial for the people with the braces, implants, bad breath, aphtae or when you are on a way, traveling or in a plane.

What customers say about OROXID?

“My 3 kids are wearing fixed dental appliances and brushing of the teeth is a nightmare. Visit of the orthodontist usually ends with the comment how we need to put more effort to improve oral hygiene. Since we use OROXID solution and spray, these problems are not present any more. Last comment of orthodontist was – you see, that better teeth cleaning is possible, if there is also wish and effort. This new mouthwash is top of the top. Try it, you will not regret.”

Mateja - with Uroš, Nika, Matic (Ljubljana)

“I bought Oroxid due to inflammation of my gums, which occurs under my prosthesis. I cleaned my gums and whole mouth with your mouthwash before bedtime. My gums recovered after 3 days of using it, inflammation and pain disappeared after 6 days. Now I am putting also 1 cup of OROXID into the glass with liquid and prosthesis. It became much cleaner as before. I recommend this solution to everyone with similar problems.”

Mia / Kranj

“Dears, thank you for an excellent product OROXID that helped me to remove my daily pain in the mouth, because of  which I could not eat and drink. I have been suffering due to aphthae already six years. Whatever I tried, it did not help and I have already given up on all the action to remove this repeated wounds on the tongue and oral mucosa. I bought your solution and my pain disappeared after 2 days, wounds were removed after 10 days of daily usage of OROXID solution, as it was recommended. Thank you for a great product.”

Andrej / Celje

“Finally something that really helps me! New mouthwash OROXID really works. It helped me to reduce gums bleeding and gingivitis. I always fighted against dental tartar. After one week of mouthwash usage, the pieces of teeth tartar began to peel off. Now I have smooth teeth without roughness, which I could always feel on the back of the teeth.”

Rikardo / Maribor

“I recommend OROXID mouthwash to anyone who has a problem with periodontitis. It is really excellent hepler. I had an surgery of gums because of periodontitis. My gums were bleeding, I could not eat because I felt pain by every bite and I notice the appearance of unpleasant breath. I could not brushed my teeth thoroughly because my gums started to bleed already after a slight touch of brush. At the fair, I bought mouthwash OROXID and it helped me a lot. After a few days bleedeng stopped, pain decreased and I could start to eat normally. After two months of usage, the loosening of the teeth obviously decreased, gums became healthier and they were no longer so distant and lifted. After four months the situation has improved so much that the also my periodontist mentioned this difference and asked me about my daily oral hygiene procedureh and what I use. He was impressed.”

Nataša / Novo Mesto

Questions and answers

What is OROXID?
OROXID is an unique, innovative medical product used for the treatment of prevention of several oral disorders. OROXID is certified and registered in EU as a first and only medical product based on active oxygen substances for usage in the oral cavity. It is present on the market as a mounth spray 100 ml and mouthwash 250 ml.
What I can OROXID use for?
You can use OROXID for the treatment of several oral disorders. It helps to reduce or eliminate an inflamnation and bleading of the gums, periodontitis, stomatitis, sore throat, candidiasis, aphtae. It helps to eliminate bad breath and guickly restore the fresh one. OROXID also can reduce your dental plaque. You can also use OROXID for your regular daily oral hygiene for preventive measures.
Who can benefit from OROXID?
Everybody! Even if you are healthy you can use OROXID for a daily oral hygiene as a prevention of gingivitis and periodontitis. If you have problems in oral cavity OROXID can quickly reduce or totaly eliminate them. OROXID can be used by adults and children as well.
Why is OROXID different from other mouthwashes?
OROXID is different due to its new and unique mechanism of action. OROXID is based on active oxygen substances which eliminates microbs and oxygenates and regenerates the mucosa in the oral cavity. OROXID does not contain alcohol and chlorhexidine, which dries out the mucous membrane and can be a predisposition for cancer. This is of particular relevance for younger population, which has a whole life ahead.
OROXID has 2 forms - Forte and as Sensitive. What is the difference?
OROXID forte is used for the intesive treatment of oral cavity disorders such as inflamed gums, periodontitis, candisiasis, aphtae. It is appropriate for an intensive oral hygiene for all people who have normal (not sensitive) oral mucosa.

OROXID sensitiv is designed for children and all those who have sensitive mucous membranes. This means that they are always looking for and using special “sensitive” toothpastes and mouthwashes. OROXID sensitive is also used for a long-term daily oral hygene

Should I use OROXID spray or OROXID solution?
OROXID solution is suitable for your daily oral hygiene and for the intensive treatment of oral disorders when a greater amount of mouthwash is needed (gingivitis, stomatitis, periodontitis, etc.)

Use OROXID spray if you need to treat and clean your mouth throughout the day. Spraj is available for youth with fixed dental appliances, people who have meetings with others and need to have fresh breath, people with aphthae. Spray is also appropriate form for those who cannot gargle the mountwash. OROXID spray 100 ml in plastic bottle is also appropriate if you travel by car or by plane.

What is unique mechanism of action of OROXID?
OROXID operates on the basis of the mechanism of hydrogen peroxide and oxidative compounds, known in medicine for centuries. It is the best approximation of the oxidative compounds produced by the cells of our immune system in defence against bacteria, fungi and viruses. Peroxide compounds, produced by our immune cells, are binding specifically to metal ion in the cell wall of microbes and thus destroy them. In this reaction active form of oxygen known as the “oxygen singlet” and water are released and used by human cells for their own needs. Singlet oxygen upon entering the cell activate the processes of cell oxygenation and regeneration.
Why OROXID has a different type of peroxide?
Hydrogen peroxid which is present as base in OROXID is prepared according to special production process which removes heavy metals and toxic substances and stabilizers. It is stabilized with a “food grade” stabilizer which means that it is also allowed for human consumption. The usual peroxide is biocide – chemical, with plenty of heavy metals and fairly toxic stabilizers. This is the reason why the biocidal peroxide is intended only for disinfection and external application as they can cause an allergic reaction, the sensitivity or even necrotic effect on the surface of the skin or mucous membranes. Peroxidne compounds which are present in OROXID products do not cause any of the mentioned side effects.
What is the shelf life? How quickly I should use OROXID after opening the package?
Shelf life is indicated on the package and it is two years. It is recommended, however, that OROXID is used within 3 months after opening the bottle or spray activation.  This means that the product is used regurarly and this is the only way to achieve the desired results.
Why do we speak about active oxygen substances, when on package it is writen hydrogen peroxide?
It is true that OROXID products contains hydrogen peroxide. This peroxide is produced and purified with special production process. When OROXID product comes into contact with mucous membranes or skin, active oxygen compounds are release. Most studied and known is “singlet oxygen”. This active oxygen in the form of “singlet” is able to enter into human cells, where it is essential for oxygenation and regeneration processes.
Can OROXID also bleach my teeth?
OROXID can return your healthy and natural tooth color. OROXID causes oxidation of dental plaque and stains that are on the teeth due to the food, coffee, tea, smoking, while the tooth enamel is not damaged.
How does OROXID act if there are no microbes?
In the oral cavity there are always microbes, even if it is very well cleaned. So OROXID always works because we do not live in a sterile environment.
How does OROXID work in inflamed or damaged cells?
OROXID works on the inflamed or damaged cells with the help of oxygen singlet entering human cells. Singlet cause cells oxygenation, entering into the cell cycles and raise energetic potential of the cells. Singlet also enters into the mitochondria, where it is needed in the process of protein synthesis through a series of biochemical reactions. New proteins are then incorporated into the cell and enable it to regenerate faster.
Can OROXID damage tooth enamel?
No. Low concentrations of peroxide substances in 3% and 1.5% used in OROXID producst are clinically proven to be safe and harmless for tooth enamel in both daily and long-term use. Peroxide substances disintegrate in less than 1 minute in the oral cavity and can not have adverse events on the enamel or mucous membranes. But this time period is long enough for the release of active oxygen compounds which shows positive effects.
How OROXID oxygenate human cells?
OROXID oxygenate cells with “singlet oxygen” which is generated in the reaction with pathogens. It means that this form of oxygen is known to our cells, and therefore the cell can utilize it. Once it is in human cell, it enters the mitochondria that present the “lung of human cell”. In this way, the cell receives the oxygen and energy which is necessary for the existence of vital processes.